December 2023 Makes!

Happy New Year 2024!

[Insert obligatory “I can’t believe it’s already here!” comment.]

I officially joined Make at Rosie in December, and I made the most of it! 😜

I lasercut plywood and acrylic goodies for family and friends on the Glowforge Pro, and cut paper crafts with the Silhouette Cameo 3.

Here are a few of the things I made last month:

These gnomes were so fun to lasercut and assemble. It was like a little wood puzzle. I used paint markers to color each piece before gluing it all together. I gave these as a gift, but I have another set already cut that I want to make for myself! They might be my favorite thing I made all month.

(Glowforge cut file by NicCreates.)

This is meant to be an architectural lantern, but I made it out of curiosity more than anything. I may hang it as a decoration.

Did you know? Kirigami is another Japanese paper art form similar to origami, but it includes cutting and gluing. (Template from June of Helen Hiebert’s The Paper Year 2020 Resources.)

I made an embroidery floss organizer for my cross-stitch projects. This is what I call meta-crafting: Crafting for other crafts!

Lesson learned – the numbers don’t show through the back very well, so I’d approach it differently next time with a clearer material or different settings. (Glowforge cut file by Jon Canfield Creations.)

This design was too cute and easy to pass up! All three parts fit on the 12’x12′ cutting mat for the Silhouette, so I arranged the file that way to get it all cut at once. Then with a little glue stick action, voila! All done!

(Cut file included in the free Silhouette Go app library.)

This one is a bit silly, but I whipped up this zipper pull as I was about to leave Rosie’s one day. I had been confusing which pocket was which on this bag, so it was a perfect solution!

I used to have some of these EXACT beads growing up from a Lisa Frank craft kit, so it was nostalgic.

Given all the different holidays, winter is ripe with opportunities for crafts. There are so many possibilities inspired by the whimsical weather, too. For instance — even though we don’t get much snow here in Texas, there are plenty of handmade snowflakes around!

*By the way – there are no affiliate links in this post. 🙂