Oh hey, it’s me again. 🙃

I am a work in progress, and so is this page.



I never want anyone to feel left out. Diversity of input and ensuring accessibility of material improves design for everyone, everywhere. Period.


Organizations are made of people, not machines. Understanding each other as people first makes work go more smoothly.


Most mistakes are a result of misunderstanding or lack of information. I take extra care in my written and verbal communications as a liaison between parties. I keep the important details and cut the fluff.

Random Bits About Me

I’m a lefty and a native Texan.

I have three cats: Boo, Ricky, and Ginger.

My band opened for Willie Nelson once.

I love silly statement earrings!

Five emojis that generally sum up my personality: 🙃💜😆🙈😜

I enjoy…

  • lots of arts and crafts, especially drawing
  • reading and watching sci fi
  • board games & video games
  • baking (and sweets in general)

Well, enough about me. Tell me about you! 😄